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Training and Development

4Wardplanning can provide highly professional and effective training programmes and skills development in all areas of emergency and evacuation planning and event safety and security to clients.

We can carry out an analysis of your training needs or identify gaps or shortfalls that may be in your emergency, evacuation or event safety and security plan that requires personnel to acquire a level of training or skills that will ensure they are in a position to effectively respond to an emergency, crisis or critical incident. Training and skills development can be delivered safely and effectively on-line during any restrictions imposed as a result  of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Training programmes can also be directly linked to organisational or event risks in the context of mitigating the likelihood or impact of any emergency, crisis or critical incident.

Through effective training programme design, development, implementation and evaluation, 4Wardplanning can ensure staff  in your business , organisation or at your event are prepared to meet any emergency or unexpected disruption as well as enhancing resilience. 

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