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Major Event Management

4Wardplanning can provide a comprehensive consultancy service and training solution in respect of major events to clients that is professional, effective and value for money.

We can assist and advise you in planning, managing, controlling and coordinating all elements of your event in order to ensure the safety and security of all those who attend, participate or work there.  

We can also create an Event Management Plan appropriate to your event as required.

Major Events includes sporting fixtures, concerts, festivals, parades and any other public events likely to attract an audience in excess of 5,000 people. Our consultancy service is also available for smaller events, both public and private. 

A particular service available for your event is to assist and advise in the identification, assessment, mitigation and control of all emergency risks as part of an overall Event Management Plan. We can also develop and implement a wide range of exercises to test responses to high risks and emergencies, identify gaps and develop an appropriate training solution.

Additional key components of our event management consultancy service include safe crowd management, venue ingress and egress, search processes, emergency access, traffic management on and off site, community engagement, coordination with statutory agencies, stewarding and security services and VIP management.

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