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Emergency Planning

4Wardplanning can provide a professional, effective and value for money consultancy service and training solution to clients that will ensure they are prepared for any emergency that impacts on the safety and security of all staff and visitors or on business continuity.

The unprecedented global impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, severe weather events in Ireland and terrorist attacks throughout the world in recent years demonstrate the need to have robust emergency plans and business continuity plans in place in every organisation.

We can assist and support your organisation in drafting, creating, reviewing or amending your emergency plans in order to ensure you are prepared to meet any emergency situation.

In the light of the COVID 19 pandemic your emergency plans can, if required, be adjusted accordingly as well as ensuring business continuity plans are updated and amended as necessary.

A key component of the consultancy service is assisting in the creation of a dynamic risk register that can assess and mitigate all emergency risks to your organisation, carry out appropriate exercises as required to test responses, identify organisational gaps and provide an appropriate training solution if required.

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