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Emergency Exercises and Tests

4Wardplanning can provide a high-quality emergency exercising and testing programme that will ensure that emergency and evacuation plans in businesses, organisations and events are fit for purpose and effective.

Being prepared for any emergency requires effective risk based advanced planning. It is important that emergency procedures are tested so that responding staff know their roles and responsibilities as well as evaluating the effectiveness of the processes and procedures designed within every emergency and evacuation plan or event safety and security plan.

4Wardplanning can carry out workshop, table-top or ‘live’ exercises on behalf of clients that can test a wide range of areas from basic functional processes and plans to a full organisational or event response.  Workshop and table-top exercises in particular can provide an effective testing regime while also minimising impact on normal day to day operations. 

4Wardplanning can design, develop, conduct and evaluate bespoke exercises and tests on behalf of clients that will assist in identifying any gaps or shortfalls that could impact on an effective response to an emergency or critical incident. We have acquired significant experience in planning, conducting and evaluating table-top exercises for major events as well as a number of large scale ‘live’ exercises (including simulated terrorist attacks and a crowd management exercise at a major sporting event) as well as creating appropriate improvement and action plans to address any identified issues. 

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